1 August 2013

Living Statue after the Punch- Cavill Ave Surfers Paradise Full Story

14,534,361Million views on youtube

 Permission given by performer David Mulder www.bestillent.com.au

Video owner Sam on samsv16@gmail.com

Dave has had 14,043,323 yes million hit's on youtube and has been screen on every major news network around the world,Surfers Paradise Queensland Australia has been put on the world stage from a Biff in Cavill Mall.The positive part about this Biff is Queensland or Australian tourism couldn't buy this much free advertising. The story is a teasing Douche bag in Cavill Mall Surfers Paradise Australia poked and prodded a‘living statue’ until the silver-painted cowboy socked him in the face. The Douche Bag with tribal tattoos hit the silver painted performer on the nose, and then went behind him and play with his hat he then went on to suck his own finger and stuck his germ riddle finger in the performer ear and went on to pick at mustache, until the normally patient performer gave him a good old football style biff. The human statue, David Mulder, told Australia’s Nine News that, even though the heckler did cross a line, he’s not proud of what he did. Facebook page comment's around the world calls him a hero because people are sick of bullies. Well I know what I would have done??

 Dave on his mission trip to India teaching and giving orphans hope, Dave has been Involved with Surfers Paradise most popular Surf City Church in building an orphanage in India and was official open last year. Gold Coasters have donated openly to help with this cause and the amazing part of this story is that teams of young Gold Coast youth step up to the plate every year to do a years training in puppeteering, which they use as a tool to amuse the Children of India. Dave's Elite Australian Military training is also a great training ground for our young Gold Coasters as dave passes on his skills to they the youth so while on tour in India they are trained and informed of the many dangers that could confront them. I have personally witness on the return of these young people from their tour of India break down in tears and to be overwhelmed by the impact  they made on thousands of Children. I heard one young girl's testimony as she tried to hold back the tears of joy saying I realise that my issues have no comparison to the unimaginable world of India and said I now get an understanding on how blessed I am in AUSTRALIA. 
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