Forecast storms could boost SEQ water storage

The beginning of what’s predicted to be several days of severe storms in south east Queensland have so far failed to provide the much needed boost to water levels in the region after a dry summer.
Minister for Water Supply Mark Bailey said due to rainfall over the last 24 hours, the SEQ Water Grid dam capacity increased by 0.5% overnight, to 70.8%.
“While this is a good start it is only a small storage increase of approximately 9400 ML -- only about 12 days of additional supply,” Mr Bailey said.
“Wivenhoe Dam has increased by 0.6%, North Pine Dam has increased by 0.3%.
Mr Bailey said the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) had forecast severe thunderstorms with heavy rain, damaging winds for areas in south east Queensland over the coming days.
“With the rainfall forecasted for across south east Queensland in the coming days, I’m hopeful some of this will reach our catchments,” he said.
 “Seqwater will continue to monitor the catchment conditions in south east Queensland.”
“We are not in dire straits yet, but Queenslanders are always encouraged to use water wisely.”

Source: Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports and Minister for Energy, Biofuels and Water Supply The Honourable Mark Bailey

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